Tuesday, September 1, 2009

T-minus 9 Days.

We are counting down...T-minus 9 Days.

In nine days we will embark in a new era.

We have to come to terms and acknowledge that the America's addiction and dependency beats to the heartbeat of oil pumps, pounding our earth.

We can change this. Get involved.


This is the solar revolution. XOLARGY

This is your opportunity to get involved.

We are nine days away from the solar concept announcement.

Have you seen the movie yet. Go to www.home-2009.com or you can go to youtube and look it up in a lot of languages. Or just copy the following in your browser:


Check out the Home movie at about count 0:36:42
“We haven’t understood that we are depleting what nature provides”

What follows next, well.. that just breaks my heart.

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