Monday, August 31, 2009

T - minus 10 days!

Join Xolargy, as we count down...T-minus 10 Days.

Xolargy will formally announce the concept Solar designs to world in hopes that they are built.

For 10 years I have had the dream. As an inspired Architect I feel I have an obligation to suggest a solution to the current global climate crisis. We all have an obligation to simply acknowledge this problem.

As the solar solution becomes more and more viable; “we must not allow ourselves to cover the earth in foil.” This means that we should not cover our lands with a blanket of solar farms. Let’s be smart.

We are shaping the earth in our own image.

Frankly, I am not so fawned of the current image.

My Dear friends and fellow humans! If you have not see the movie “Home,” please see it. The movie is free for a limited time only; please take time off and see it.

Stay tuned to this Special Announcement in Ten Days. Log on as a follower.

People would some time ask me, “are you a capitalist, socialist, or are you a communist?” I think these are all irrelevant. I am a human being first and foremost, a father, and a realist. And I'd rather give away my ideas in hopes to make an impact against global warming. And I will be the man about it and say I can not do it alone! I need everyone’s help. Please spread the word.

In ten days Xolargy will announce the design concepts and business plans, which have been under developed over 10 years. Back then, the ideas were too advanced for its time; and the technology was too young. This holds true to the notion, "timing is everything." This is the time to use the technology itself: the Internet.

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