Sunday, August 22, 2010

FDR's Second Bill of Rights.

America's heart has been broken by the false promises of capitalism.

Please send out a message to the White House. Tell them we DEMAND our Bailout. It is time for the banks to start LENDING! It is time we create Jobs and stop the political gridlock. It is time to bailout the working people not the rich (e.g the banks,GM, and wall-street!)

We have to send a clear message to every politician in office or running for office this year, "WE DEMAND that they Support the People and the Unions and not the corporations!

Greed has taken hold of America; it tainted every family I know directly or indirectly. It has changes our laws to fit there agenda and their profits.

It is time we enact FDR's Second Bill of Rights. I PROPOSED THE FDR's DREAM!

Second Bill of Rights
Every American has the Right to:
1. A Job
2. An Adequate Wage and Decent Living
3. A Decent Home
4. Medical Care
5. Economic Protection During Sickness
6. A good Education.

We, as people, are starting to fight with one another instead of fighting this political system. The use of divisive topics as immigration or fear mongering like the patriot act. Hate and fear is spreading. We must unit.
It is time to act.

Do what you can. Elections are coming.


I wish every one peace and love, as we enter the second dip in the recession. I hope you find the strength to see the true chains that hold us down: the Debt. Debt from the war, from our mortgage, from the needless purchase that have left us with debt, and the greed. We are all human beings and we all have equal value, despite of race creed or economic status.

The fact is that capitalism does not work, it has to evolve to serve the people of today. This system has failed the majority of the people and only serves the rich and wealthy (the top 3%).
As Foreclosures reach an all time high and the real estate market take another dip this year, things are not looking good for the next few months. California led the nation with the highest amount of debt outstanding per person: $77,500. In other words, if a child were to be born today in California, that child is born with $77,500 in dept. It is unbelievable.

People wake up. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE CONTROL! We have always had it, we have just been fooled to believe otherwise.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



WOW! Ok,! One more. Come one! One more. I am so thrilled. WOW!

This is the most recent polls taken on the war.

The NY Daily News Reported THE WAR IS OVER!

And the results are in!

Poll Results

You can only vote once.

Do you believe the war was worthwhile?

Yes. The war was necessary to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein.23%
No. The lives of 4,400 American service members were needlessly lost.77%