Friday, March 30, 2012

Austerity Crisis = NO MIDDLE CLASS.

March 29, will go down in history. Just look at the issues covered today. I had to post it so we can all remember, Thom Hartmann and the RT News, are just amazing. QUESTION MORE!

  • OCCUPY SPAIN ( Where is the pope now?)
  • FACE BOOK- Privacy passwords,
  • Medicare, 
  • Paul Ryan's Austeriry Budget.
  • and $24 Billion dollar BIG OIL (Corporate Welfare) aka Subsidies. (Thom estimates $40 billion, over the 10 years ) Transnational Oil Corporation. 
  • and Fukushima

Meanwhile lets give a round of applause to house of Congress, the senate, the house of representatives, and lets not forget the Supreme Court, the President and the Vice President, FOR THE JOBS BILLS!!!
Thank you! Its been how many days.....?

I love this show, all of the RT shows. This is where I get my real news, until my government censors it...TBD!

Thom details how to easily provide health care for all if Obamacare is struck down. Also discussed: the increasing radiation dangers from the Fukushima disaster, the troubles with the Republican’s transportation bill, and why some advocate keeping pink slime in our food. In tonight’s “Daily Take”, Thom questions Rick Santorum’s sexuality.
Take a look at where were are going. THINGS WILL GET WORSE!