Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence = FREEDOM!!!


As a nation and as a world we must seek a true independence to oil. It is imperative!

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Our dangerous reliance on carbon-based fuels like oil and coal has hurt our economy, hindered our national security and contributed to the climate crisis.

There is a solution as big as our problems -- by ending our carbon addiction and building a clean energy economy we can Repower America.

Our World's Economy is addicted to Oil!

This topic can not wait any longer. This last weekend marked a huge milestone in the US Energy Plan.

This topic has been dormant and can longer be contained. We all can agree that energy and technology are directly related, but we do not have to burn coal to produce energy any longer.

As you now, there is a huge movement in the energy sector. On Friday, the House of Representatives PASSED the legislation under H.R. 2998 by seven votes. This bill: the American Clean Energy and Security Act is a testament and an example of this movement. The legislation now goes before the Senate. Regardless of the outcome; the global climate concerns and changes have created a global consciousness, which has resulted in an enormous global economical opportunity.

Please contact your respective senator!

This piece of legislation marks the awareness and new direction of this country to engage the energy crisis facing our economy, nation and our world and recognizing that time is of an essence. Experts have predicted many conclusions and recommendations, but the fact remains: it is real and something has to be done. We all have an obligation, it is our calling. The time is now!

In one (1) hour the sun can deliver enough energy to power the whole PLANET, for one year! All we have to do is haevest the power of the sun. -Home

Xolargy will publicly announce some prototypes to the world. Stay tune.

Happy Independence day!

Please help spread the word.

Here is AL Gore; talking about the fact that we are running out of time!