Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2D to 3D, Solar Technology.

2D to 3D, Solar Technology.

Today September 09, 2009 (09.09.09) XOLARGY will forever influence the evolution of the solar industry.

People! We are at war and what are fighting for really?....oil and the production of it? Please give peace a chance. I give you the technology.

The Solar Revolution.

Earth has been good to us, In Many different ways, but the continuation and violation of the Earth’s natural resources has taken its toll. Global warming is real. We must change our ways. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!

Here is my opening question......See if you can answer the QUESTION!

What living organism do we know, on Earth that has evolved over the course of millions of years and are very successful in trapping light?

Answer below.

I have taken this concept and developed the solar design. It was under my nose all the time. Now since then technology has advanced and to be honest why re-invent the wheel. I simply used what was already created and modified it.

These designs are endless. They are so efficient, and they take advantage of the fact of natural light provided by the sun.

Fact: A photon is both a wave and particle and true light bends. What would the world look like if all the plants were flat, like a roof top? Thus this is currently the problem with solar designs today is that they are limited by the available two dimensional planes. Typically design on a roof or on flat land areas.

Imagine the possibilities.

We can mimic trees and design them where they are aesthetically pleasing yet efficient. Remember that in ONE HOUR the SUN can provide enough energy to power the whole world for a year!

At then end I fear that we will create a death star...or a Cybertron. Companies are scrambling to buy vast amounts of open land and cover it with 2D solar panels. We don’t have to cover the earth in foil!

Peace and love to you all!

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