Monday, August 31, 2009

T - minus 10 days!

Join Xolargy, as we count down...T-minus 10 Days.

Xolargy will formally announce the concept Solar designs to world in hopes that they are built.

For 10 years I have had the dream. As an inspired Architect I feel I have an obligation to suggest a solution to the current global climate crisis. We all have an obligation to simply acknowledge this problem.

As the solar solution becomes more and more viable; “we must not allow ourselves to cover the earth in foil.” This means that we should not cover our lands with a blanket of solar farms. Let’s be smart.

We are shaping the earth in our own image.

Frankly, I am not so fawned of the current image.

My Dear friends and fellow humans! If you have not see the movie “Home,” please see it. The movie is free for a limited time only; please take time off and see it.

Stay tuned to this Special Announcement in Ten Days. Log on as a follower.

People would some time ask me, “are you a capitalist, socialist, or are you a communist?” I think these are all irrelevant. I am a human being first and foremost, a father, and a realist. And I'd rather give away my ideas in hopes to make an impact against global warming. And I will be the man about it and say I can not do it alone! I need everyone’s help. Please spread the word.

In ten days Xolargy will announce the design concepts and business plans, which have been under developed over 10 years. Back then, the ideas were too advanced for its time; and the technology was too young. This holds true to the notion, "timing is everything." This is the time to use the technology itself: the Internet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The good news!

Yes, I will officially end and depart from working as a Real Estate Salesperson with Coldwell Banker. That's the bad news.

The Good news is that I am now dedicating more of my time towards my true passion. Yes my passion.

I admit I believed in Real Estate! I believed it with all of my heart. "The American dream;" my passion was selling homes to first time home buyers; to family and friends. I truly considered it an opportunity of a lifetime. But I did not expect this. As a professional, I expected an adjustment, but not a crash, and not in this magnitude. Someone screwed up! Therefore, if I caused anyone hardship in my behalf, because of the real estate market; I am truly sorry.

I am not the one to point fingers, but you have to see the facts: the lending opportunity to buy closed abruptly; causing the real estate market to collapsed. The banking laws and guidelines were changed overnight. The banks stopped lending and somehow they changed all the lending parameters the very next day! No one was able to qualify. Who saw this coming?

Every American was impacted directly or indirectly. From a national level to a global level. It will take years for this market to restore not only consumer confidence but the values in investing in a home. It has impacting global markets and there is now a shifting of power and economic strengths.

I too was personally impacted. I lost everything. Some can say I even lost most than others; I did not only lose my house;I also my home. Life for me will never be the same. I accept this now.

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon.

The truth is, that one must face the facts to gain perspective. I have accepted the present. The now! Yes accepting the present is life changing. Once you have accepted the present you are able to move forward. Yes, I got the worst of it with the recent real estate crash, but don’t worry I am the resilient type. I try not to dwell on the negative and focus on things I can change. This brings me to my passion:

Solar technology.

My passion is to inspire America to believe. To believe in the "true" revolution. The next industrial revolution: the solar revolution! Just like the cell phone, or the Internet, or even the TV, they have all changed the world forever. Imagine for a second a world without the need to burn fuel to create power. Dream! I am eager to share this dream together with you.

My passion is to make a difference for the people; for the world we call Earth.

Dream with me.

The power is from the sun. In other words in lieu of burning fossil fuels to heat our homes, or run our computers; we generate electricity from the solar power. Instead of burning coal to create power, we harness the sun's power. Supplement this technology along with Geo-thermal, winds, and hydro power plants, and we can create a balance. We have this technology. All we have to do now is invest and demand it.

“Earth to People, come in People.” The air quality is at it's worst. How much longer are going to continue doing this. Do something! Wake up! Believe! We need to reverse what we have done to our planet and restore a balance. A balance that is most needed. A balance is due some respect!

I believe in solar technology, I believe it is the next big thing. I believe it is the key to this global economic gridlock; the key to ending the dependence to oil globally; the key is Solar Technology.

As most of you know, my primary background is Architecture. I graduated from UCB and worked for Architectural firms like Gensler. I now manage commercial Real Estate globally working for Hitachi Data Systems, as a Global Real Estate Project Manager.

But did I say my passion is Solar?

Now is the time to bring all of these talents together and you have Global opportunity. I am offering you access to a ground breaking new opportunity to make an Investment. Yes you heard me, an Investment opportunity through Solar technology.

We will be announcing when the opportunity to buy stock, soon to be available. Please stay tuned. Visit my web page at Log in as a follower. It is a blog to follow. Do it today.

In a separate announcement, there will by a posting on this site of the solar prototype, a complete business plan and an outline of the opportunity, along with a presentation which promises to be the topic of the century.

So, if you ever need anything, or have any questions regarding solar OR anything to do with Solar Technology, call me. 1-877-XOLARGY. Or 1-877-965-2749. Your call goes straight to me.

No job too big or question too silly. Please call anytime. Xolargy is a company for the people. I appreciate your phone call. Any referrals are welcome. Tell the whole world.

The Opportunity for you,
As most of you know the economy has taken everyone for a turn. in these times of uncertainty; if you apply the basic principles to economics, I believed the solution is to invest.

But invest in what? Stock Market? No, Real Estate, hell no, we just went through this.

The opportunity is solar.

This is to be the opportunity of a life time for Most Americans. Invest. Buy solar.

All we have to do is invest in America. I know how silly that made sound! It’s so obvious. Imagine for a moment: If jobs were created instantly, because of sales orders and demand. The jobs created by this industry will make a global impact. The investment opportunity is practical. The is a need for installing, selling and manufacturing this technology. Solar technology is that opportunity.

I admit I did not see this RE thing coming.
And even crazier is that no one is at fault. What? It was dismissed as a con, or a scam like what happened with ENRON, or Wall-Street or could it be that these scam opportunities were created by the deregulation of these industries. The deregulation played a key role, it was the main ingredient these scandals. How many scandals can there be.

Hello! …”people we are still at war!” It is mind boggling. And then we go full circle, the only thing that can free us from this addiction to oil is to create this solar technology revolution. I invite you all to this opportunity and I will share with the world.


“It was made in the USA!” Inspired by this land; this land of opportunity. Be proud! Believe. Interesting that we go full circle. Today our dear brother in the struggle has passed. The liberal lion of the Senate, our friend Edward Kennedy. May he rest in peace. The Kennedy's have been the biggest political influence in my life.

This puts things in perspective. We have to act now!


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Juan Jose Cervantes

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