Thursday, July 15, 2010


Could it be? Is it finally Over.

The spill click is stopped at 92,340,117 Gallons (@ 1,470,00 Gal/Day) BUT if you adjust the rate it is at 327,736,263
Gallons (@ 4,200,00 Gal/Day)

This is a wake up call to everyone!.

Take action in what ever you can to change your life. Some of you might be thinking solar, or alternative energy; help start a recycle center in your home or community. some of you might changer your diet and eat heather, become more cautious about pesticides and how our foods are grown- from vegetables to beef, chicken and pork. We can all take initiative and help protect our oceans, our fish and game. We can look at further protecting our water resources; protecting our open space, and forest. What ever is your calling, please make a change. Make a difference. .

Peace on Earth.

Most of all, I believe that the United States of America has a ability to not only help ourselves, our neighborhoods, our land, or our economy, but to share it with the world.

But my biggest wish is to end the war.

Obviosly we did not have much of a choice to stop the oilspil. It was out of control. But the war....we can stop it. IF YOU WANT IT!... end the war!