Wednesday, September 2, 2009

T minus 7 Days

On September 09, 2009.

Xolargy Will announce to the world the Solar design concepts.

Listen, all eyes are on the ice caps and the ozone. It is the one place we can see global warming with our own eyes. You can see it on Google Earth.

Around the North Pole, The ice cap has lost 30% of its ice surface in 30 years.

Greenland’s’ ice contains 20% of the fresh water of the whole planet. If it melts the sea levels would rise 7 meters or 22.9 feet.

We have to share the facts about the climate changes.

We have to share this technology to the whole world.

OK last call. See home the movie. Please go to

I love the bear scene at count 1:05:15. But the movie is not all bad news and shocking facts. It leaves the audience in a positive note.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to scare people. I just want people to be aware of “the clock of climate.” Ticking away!

I want people to know about the “Permafrost, and under hides under its surface. It is the climatic time bomb: Methane. If the permafrost melts, we will be in unknown territory.”

If you have to see the short version start at count,1:16:00, if you want the positive note 1:21:30. “Everyone from riches to poorest can make a contribution.”

Is this 12.21.12

Speaking of which, have you see the trailer for the upcoming movie!?

“…wasn’t also decided that people had the right to fight for their lives?”

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