Thursday, August 9, 2018



Clouds above the California wildfires. This is at 30k feet. Is it #biblical?
We are creating an Earth in our own image. Climate Change is REAL!

And you know the California Fires are definitely impacting Real estate values.
The fires are Every year; worse and worse!

Why can't there be a conversation on preventive measures or a basic plan to go on the offensive, thus planting trees. This should be a top priority. As we all know that after the fires, next comes erosion.

I designed and gave away my patent interest to my designs, and made them public. Open-source. A preventive design idea against wildfires or at least slow them down. The idea is to store water but also to promote the growth of damaged areas with a solar/battery powered FM200 systems with water storage tank/well/ automated irrigation system.

This blog page has all my original designs concepts and ideas posted since the very beginning.

I got so much backlash as people told me that there is no money and saving the planet.... so I gave away these ideas and made them public. I did not want to let money or any patent to be an excuse.