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Remembering a legend!
I love Bill Hicks, as HE CHANGED MY LIFE but I am surprised a lot of people have not heard of him! I never met him, but he like John Lennon, Gandhi, JFK, he is one of my heroes. R.I.P. pal, I'll see you soon!
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Solution: An Aquaponic Farm Shop Cafe

Please check out our first 30 sec. commercial. Thanks to Suite51! XOLARGY One of many, thank you brother!

This following Blog post is intended to be a presentation. An informative collection of videos, ideas, and theories, to find viable solution to our future social economic challenges facing not only our families on a local level,  but everyone, and not only at a national level, but on a world level, as we are all interconnected.

I am talking about a real solutions and ideas to our most current challenges.  Alternatively, I will not claim to know everything, but rather different perspectives and possible ways YOU can participate. I only ask that you keep an open mind, and see the possibilities, as this is intended to be used as a platform for discussion, and action, as we build these solutions together.

I will focus on a few key topics:
Our limited resources; we all live in this one planet, and can not assume that our resources are limitless.
Population and the misconception that the earth cannot support its inhabitants.
Food, water and the technology,
All this ties to cost, our ultimate sin, our bondage, it is why we are at war, as these problems are man made.
In conclusion this is an attempt to shed awareness of the direction we are headed, as we must all take part.

As a undergrad at UCB, my professor, Harry Edwards, stated so eloquently, "our problems of the future are cost! Not in a financial means but rather in the context of, What are we willing to give up!" I hold this to heart, as my quest is not one of financial wealth. It is the survival of my people, but again, what are we willing to give up to save our planet? Our future generations? When all we can see is how much is it going to cost? What are we willing to give up as a people? Our luxuries? Our monopolies? The illusion of debt?
 If only we could share our technology throughout the world, and get rid of a family controlled regime, the Federal Reserve Bank, as they have mobilized and are in position to control the world.

It is our future, and we are all a part of it. All I offer is information, and a unique onion.

But first and foremost, we must explore the notion that the American way of life is unsustainable. The American dream is not achievable, it is a hoax, the real lie, as to what plagues our society today. All of these solutions means nothing, if corporations who control our government continue to dive the course of humanity toward our current path, our own destruction.

Income gap is unimaginable to the average worker. As the income gap is applauding!
Fact: A McDonald worker would have to work 550 years to make a CEO year's salary.

Food and Water.
In October 2009, the United Nations general Assembly noted that food production will have to DOUBLE by 2050 to meet the worlds demand from the worlds growing population.

End the Illusion!
Now we must also accept that there are forces un-known to most. Call them conspiracies, but the truth eventually comes out. So for now, we must ask the hard questions, and realize this 150 year two party fraud. Right now we are at WAR!

Yet secrete deals are made behind closed doors. I call it social engineering. And so to respect the law of physics this is an attempt to suggest an extreme opposite opinion: PEACE and sharing!

Just look at the number of trade agreements between sovereign nations against their own sovereignty. In recent news for example we have TPP, TAFTA, etc. In the same regard there are those extremist radicals, pulling the strings, just look at the recent scandal in Ukraine, as senior U.S. officials are caught on tape, plotting Coup d'tat against Ukraine, and now VENEZUELA??

The real criminals of this county wear suits and ties, (the Cabal, Builder-berg Group, etc!) The real owners in charge - as stated by legendary George Carlin.

The endless corruption! It will not end until we all see the truth.
As News breaks of the capture of EL Chapo! I wonder if he would testify against the U.S., CIA, DEA, ATF, Border Patrol, HSBC, U.S. DOJ and all the Banks and corrupt politicians involved. I hope he exposes the TRUTH, as WE all know he is the middle man. Interesting, the same week, that OBAMA is in Mexico.

He is the proof as the BANKS sponsor terrorism around the world, UN-CHECKED- and if caught, they are too big for trial! It is that simple, just settle, and pay a fine, while making billions in profits. No jail time. NO JUSTICE! It is THIS CRAZY - Legalized TERRORISM! Look up Evertt Stern!

You do know that there was a big big merger, where Comcast, aka GE, $45 Billion dollar deal, So these 6 are now 5! As more and more, the world becomes more aware of our finite quantities of resources, and less choices on news. As news becomes a premium.  And we must talk about the mass media merger, thanks to Bill Clinton, and the signing of the Telecommunications Act 1996, as Comcast seeks FCC approval for a 45 billion.  Lets see if the FCC has any power to stop it, my guess is no!

As it all comes down is control, mass surveillance, as the FCC has killed the internet as we know it.

How can we address any kind of change if we do not address the corruption?

FACT: Yet our nation and our state continue to double down on hydrofracking!
FACT: The Halliburton loophole allows BIG OIL EXEMPTION from:
FACT: Air near frack sites are nine times (9x) more dirtier than most American polluted cities - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Water wars are real.

And lastly the

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster


I don't know what to tell you, but there is a lot the media, cannot tell us, is not telling us, has not told us!!! Crazy! AS, there is yet another LEAK, not to mention the explosion on NEW YEARS! 2014! A rod exploded?

Which again bring us back to the question? What is important? Profit or Life?
Water is life. Access to clean water and safe food will become a commodity. Food will be like printing your own money.
I will not get into BITCOIN. - as I think it is an interesting topic, especially the block chain!
I see escrows and legal notes built into block chain/ bitcoin/currencies; It is the wave of the future I see people buying homes and cars with bitcoin, but that is another conversation.

And despite all woes, there is hope! A Resourced based economy: The Venus Project.
Read the entire article at

In a nut shell this is my point!

To explain the idea, I would ask that you please see the following video, it explains the ideas of Aquaponics, in an EDxWarwick presentation- Charlie Price - Aquaponics. Charlie explains the core of the idea, which is somewhat what I want to do, but more elaborate. I want to make it bigger, and incorporate a live work space. A community, restaurant, educational center to show and display this new efficient way of living.

YES a Farm Shop, an Aquaponic Farm shop Cafe; An educational cafe/ community center/ teaching Urban Agriculture/Aquaculture and topics of Energy Efficiency, Earthships, Biotecture, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Premature. Classes and meeting to include techniques in vertical farming and water conservation, the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) techniques to reduce waste, and efficiency.

A Cafe/ restaurant where people can sit learn, and eat from what it grown and farmed. One stop shop.
A restaurant where people are handed a basket or bowl to pick out there fresh salad and vegetables. The restaurant will also sell fish/ fresh water shrimp, and other fish depending on local laws.

A produce store/nursery : selling plants, vegetables, etc.

The goal is to inform the public of what technologies are available. A resource or information on how to's and do it your self tips. 

My unique version, similar to Home Town Farms, but with Aquaponics/ Aquaculture
This is what, I want to build. This is the solution. Mix this with existing homes, where every home has some sort of garden, or aquaponic system. I want to help create homes that are completely sustainable. Off grid, automatic, using modern technology.This is my niche. From residential A home, where one can live off the grid, meaning paying no bills to live in one's home, by creating energy, and food, to a community or skyscraper!
This is my dream! This is not my design, but rather a visual example of my idea. As I have my own.
Let me share with you a little bit of what I know. There is a new tend of minimalism happening, which I can understand. And I hope to improve it, with the use of Aquaponics, there has been a new trend called Earth-ships. The idea is to make the home as efficient and sustainable as possible using recycled building materials, and incorporating biology and aquaculture. The idea started by Micheal Reynolds, where he challenged the way homes are built, by incorporating biology and recycled materials, using tires, bottles and cans.
There was a great show, a while ago, but the mainstream and the powers that be, do not want to show these designs because they are efficient and independence doesn't make them money/profit.
They even gave it a bad name by calling it garbage, in a documentary Garbage Warrior.
It was also covered in Democracy Now!

Here is a Earthship Biotecture 101.
Eventually, all homes will become smaller, and one with its environment, as it was originally intended. With the use of today's technology, it is now a possibility but a reality. In fact, some would argue that humanity will have no choice, in the next coming years as the population growth, and power demand will only increase in demand. Food production alone, will have to be doubled by 2050.
It is obvious that things have to change, and I am more interested in building a community, for our family, our friends and our people. Not only here in the states, but also in abroad. In a movement to share this technology.
For example in Peru. I mean we have the technology, yet it is always about cost.

Now we should build these everywhere, that is applicable. Again, I must express my gratitude, my passion, as I am a nerd and I love science! I have always been a science fiction fan. For example, StarTrek, I admired the staging in the economic future of the 24th century, where this tv series turned movie hit franchise suggested. A society without MONEY!
The future holds so many unknowns but if you can create a completely sustainable home, and community, while creating food, right now, TODAY, why not create a whole community?
It starts with you.
We must face the facts. The signs are written on the walls. Yet our corrupt government will always vote against the voters, when their is money involved.

Because this is not something that should be asked from our children or grandchildren.
"You saw the signs and yet you did nothing! WHY NOT?"
There is hope, and this is where you come in. Will you act?

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