Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My quest for sustainability - starts with our own kitchen!

In light of the most recent immigration issues; I recently wrote on the UFW, and the NCLR FaceBook page. Sad to say that the comment was deleted so I wrote it again. Below is a copy.

"My comment was deleted. Hopefully you don't delete this copy of my previous message. He is a copy of a letter I sent

I want to send you a message.
We need a Raza Caucus. An organization to unite ALL e.g. the Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, Mexican, Central and South American origin living in the US. We need a political organization like the NAACP.

We currently have no political voice. (If we did, we wouldn't be in this situation.)

So I challenge you ALL to organize. The problem is that we all seem to want the spot light and for this reason, it has not happened,.. yet.


All of these mentioned terms (labels) are designed to divide us and keep us from uniting our voice, while we are continued to be victimize by political propaganda as issues of immigration are designed to polarize the nation.

We are use because we have no voice.

This will continue to happen every time the U.S. economy tanks. It happened in the 80's, the 90's, and now again. While states create unconstitutional law (Arizona SB1070) and Propositions( California Prop 187).

SO I BEG YOU! Please organize! Organizations like the UFW, and the NCLR, and all the dormant organizations MUST UNITE!

We need to organize our own kitchen FIRST!


A friend wrote a comment to my comment: Or you could even take it beyond race, and unite for human rights! Whites, blacks, and Asians support Hispanic causes too

She is right, but the cry here is for a Chicano/ Latino/ Hispanic/ Mexican, Central and South American voice.

For example when the nation talks about immigration, and immigration reform what do you think about? Be honest. The media, through fear propaganda, has created a a public impression, an instinct rather, to make you think about day labors or migrant worker. Right? Despite the fact that Asians, Europeans, and Canadians as well as Africans are also part of this issue, not just people migrating from Mexico.

Let me put it to you this way. When a big corporations like HP outsources jobs to ASIA ( which includes India),- which is middle class jobs - No one makes a stink about it; But take the jobs of janitors, meat packers, or a back breaking job as to harvesting crops and the whole nation gets up in flames. I guess I am just SICK OF IT!

If you would like to know more about me read my blog. I am in the alternative energy business. Solar, geothermal, and wind power. My quest for sustainability."

Peace and love to you all.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What is a life worth?

What is a life worth?

This September 11, lets remember that we are still at war! There is ONE more left.

Lives are still being lost in this needless war in the middle east. LETS END THE WAR! Remember the words from John Lennon, the war is over if you want it!

Lets ask ourselves, realistically, is this war worth the cost and the continuation of loss of lives.

When will we learn; that there are no winners in war. (Only the banks and construction companies like Halliburton.)

AMERICA wake up! 9-11 will go down in history as the US FALSE FLAG! - just like Germany in WW1 (notice the similarities and the outcome of the event with the

USA PATRIOT Act (H.R. 3162)

If we don't know our history; we are doomed to repeat it. Look up the movie the Zeitgeist, and join the movement.

For example...explain to me what happened to the World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) on Sept. 11th?

Let's preach love not hate. Lets remember what the United States of America stands for: Freedom and justice for all.

Let's end the war!

Peace and love to you all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FDR's Second Bill of Rights.

America's heart has been broken by the false promises of capitalism.

Please send out a message to the White House. Tell them we DEMAND our Bailout. It is time for the banks to start LENDING! It is time we create Jobs and stop the political gridlock. It is time to bailout the working people not the rich (e.g the banks,GM, and wall-street!)

We have to send a clear message to every politician in office or running for office this year, "WE DEMAND that they Support the People and the Unions and not the corporations!

Greed has taken hold of America; it tainted every family I know directly or indirectly. It has changes our laws to fit there agenda and their profits.

It is time we enact FDR's Second Bill of Rights. I PROPOSED THE FDR's DREAM!

Second Bill of Rights
Every American has the Right to:
1. A Job
2. An Adequate Wage and Decent Living
3. A Decent Home
4. Medical Care
5. Economic Protection During Sickness
6. A good Education.

We, as people, are starting to fight with one another instead of fighting this political system. The use of divisive topics as immigration or fear mongering like the patriot act. Hate and fear is spreading. We must unit.
It is time to act.

Do what you can. Elections are coming.


I wish every one peace and love, as we enter the second dip in the recession. I hope you find the strength to see the true chains that hold us down: the Debt. Debt from the war, from our mortgage, from the needless purchase that have left us with debt, and the greed. We are all human beings and we all have equal value, despite of race creed or economic status.

The fact is that capitalism does not work, it has to evolve to serve the people of today. This system has failed the majority of the people and only serves the rich and wealthy (the top 3%).
As Foreclosures reach an all time high and the real estate market take another dip this year, things are not looking good for the next few months. California led the nation with the highest amount of debt outstanding per person: $77,500. In other words, if a child were to be born today in California, that child is born with $77,500 in dept. It is unbelievable.

People wake up. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE CONTROL! We have always had it, we have just been fooled to believe otherwise.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



WOW! Ok,! One more. Come one! One more. I am so thrilled. WOW!

This is the most recent polls taken on the war.

The NY Daily News Reported THE WAR IS OVER!

And the results are in!

Poll Results

You can only vote once.

Do you believe the war was worthwhile?

Yes. The war was necessary to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein.23%
No. The lives of 4,400 American service members were needlessly lost.77%

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Could it be? Is it finally Over.

The spill click is stopped at 92,340,117 Gallons (@ 1,470,00 Gal/Day) BUT if you adjust the rate it is at 327,736,263
Gallons (@ 4,200,00 Gal/Day)

This is a wake up call to everyone!.

Take action in what ever you can to change your life. Some of you might be thinking solar, or alternative energy; help start a recycle center in your home or community. some of you might changer your diet and eat heather, become more cautious about pesticides and how our foods are grown- from vegetables to beef, chicken and pork. We can all take initiative and help protect our oceans, our fish and game. We can look at further protecting our water resources; protecting our open space, and forest. What ever is your calling, please make a change. Make a difference. .

Peace on Earth.

Most of all, I believe that the United States of America has a ability to not only help ourselves, our neighborhoods, our land, or our economy, but to share it with the world.

But my biggest wish is to end the war.

Obviosly we did not have much of a choice to stop the oilspil. It was out of control. But the war....we can stop it. IF YOU WANT IT!... end the war!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

US's problem with religion and how it is now affecting our global climate. Corruption or are we just in the final days?

I was watching "Religulous," I think Bill Maher was asking the wrong question. He should have asked, " there a GOD?"

This film is a tool used to divide people. That is besides the real issue; the issue of politics and the separation of church and state. A fight for control. Politics and music share similar rivalry. It all comes down to control and the powers " that be" who want to control it. To control the media and the news. The analogy of humans as sheep share biblical implications. Yet we as sheep simply need to evolve.

While the masses are continually fed "spinned-up" issues of religion, Immigration, or heath care, all to drive attention away from the real issues: the War, the oil spill or the fact that the constitution is under attack.

We have yet to see the full weight of the Supreme Court's decision in Jan 2010, where the court decided to continue to allow corporations to fund and motivate political campaigns without caps. This is murder to the Constitution, the very dear thing they swore to protect. I fear we witnessed the end of democracy! California saw a little bit of this corporate corruption with the Proposition 16, a measure sponsored by PG&E, who spent $51 Million of their customers money to buy this bill. It failed thanks to grassroots. A close race, too close I think. People, the constitution is under attach. See these two articles form the NY times:

Ladies and Gentlemen the simple fact is that America is all the political offices are now more than ever legally for sale to the highest bider.

So if there is; if so then praise him. The problem I have is people that do not believe in a higher power. I think Bono said it best in the album Rattle and Hum..

Bullet the Blue SkyIntroduced by Jimi Hendrix' treatment of The Star Spangled Banner See The Joshua Tree for studio version lyrics This live performance (20th December 1987) adds these words at the end:

"....So I'm back in my hotel room With John Coltrane and A Love Supreme In the next room I hear some woman scream out That her lover's turning off, turning on the television And I can't tell the difference between ABC News, Hill Street Blues And a preacher on the old time gospel hour Stealing money from the sick and the old Well the God I believe in isn't short of cash, mister! I feel a long way from the hills of San Salvador Where the sky is ripped open And the rain pours through a gaping wound Pelting the women and children Pelting the women and children Who run - who run into the arms of America."

Silver and Gold... This song was written in a hotel room in New York City round about the time a friend of ours, Little Steven, was putting together a record of Artists Against Apartheid. This is a song written about a man in a shanty town outside of Johannesburg. A man who's sick of looking down the barrel of white South Africa. A man who is at the point where he is ready to take up arms against his oppressor. A man who has lost faith in the peacemakers of the West while they argue and while they fail to support a man like Bishop Tutu and his request for economic sanctions against South Africa. Am I buggin' you? I don't mean to bug ya. OK the blues.

Check out the U2 links:

So in essence America is in a paradox. While religion is essential in the human experience. I will have to go with the simple requirement of act of "Just Believing in a higher power." That is enough for me. We are all Gods children and the Earth is our mother.

American problem with religion is the same with the American problem to everything else....Its politics. It is the power of money and who controls it.
Sadly, those who controls most of the money, controls the future.

And most every one I know...they base most if not all of decision based on the cost. How much will it cost, home much does it save, money, money , money...

The bottom line is that is that God is speaking to us all. God is everywhere, we hear the earth talking to our subconscious.... something inside everyone, there is a voice.

BUT at the end of the day, when given a choice to make a decision, or to take a stand...the question comes right before us... How much $? How much $ can I make?

Be honest with your self.

We all are thinking of it!

Right now we can end it! If we had a choice to end world hunger whole we as a whole, as dwellers of this planet called Earth. If we had a choice to end and reverse Global warming, would we as the human species have the courage of evolve.

Do we live in a political time where religion, and corruption has plagued our political system and we are headed to our own destruction? This is why religion has no place in politics. The separation of church and state must be enforced.

The movie Home, The movie said it best. "...We have shaped Earth in our own image." This hurts the most to see and hear...and it is true. I am a believer and I am counting on the hidden Human genius, written in our genes ..."to evolve."

Where I agree with Bill Mahe, is that America is in a state of denial. He went on and concluded by saying, ".. either we grow up or we die."


Thursday, June 24, 2010

DAY 65 of the oil spill/ leak...disaster!

I am really concerned. Our next steps are critical. While the US discusses the US Energy Policy; I am in suspense.

Now in light of the catastrophic oil spill the upcoming policies are paramount. We cannot afford to allow any offshore drilling until there is "a grantee" that this will not happen again.

I am convinced that Homo-sapiens as a species MUST evolve. We all have to take a hard look at our selves as individuals. We must spread contentiousness on a local, state, and ultimately a global level. We all must take responsibilities for what we buy, consume and throw away. Our drinking water resources are in depletion; our trash produced by our nation is out of control; the air quality is at its worse ever and above all we are still at WAR and we are still spilling.

(Sad to say, that this change is not possible unless it is economically viable. I learned this the hard way. "It doesn't matter if we are killing life: it matters if there is a profit to be made." as a result we have shaped the Earth in our own image. This is what sickens me.)

My concern is that there are some few hungry companies. Their solution is to occupy and utilized American open space - as to create solar farms.

I will not support or conspire to use up our natural resources and open lands to create solar farms.

I will not create a "Death-Star!"

The solution is not to cover the earth in foil, but to make the space where humans dwell more energy efficiency. There is so much work, so new law and as well as urban planning needed to make a true sustainable impact.
We all must take a stand and get involved.
It is not an option.

The problem will not go away. Our economy is dependency on oil, it is an obsession, an addiction. We are addicts by default because for the past eight Presidents have failed to produce a solid energy plan.

Check out this clip from the Dailyshow.

EveryONE is needed to make this a happen.

I could go on..

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We ALL have an obligation!

We, as mankind, have an obligation. We have to take a stand and make a commitment to seek, use and demand alternative energy not just because it makes financial sense.

Today! Today is the perfect day to start. Start in your heart and believe. That is the first step. Take one step a time.

But I am concerned, There is something to be said about this whole Alternative Energy Hype. I am encountering "greed" is ever more present in this industry as well as scams along with solar phonies.

Beware! Some Companies are flocking to this industry strictly for the money, while others are trying to reverse global warming and make a global statement against Big Oil and PG&E.

Fact: I have refuse work, and refused to participate with companies in one particular solar specialty: Solar Farms. I will not conspire to rob Earth of all its open space. I will refuse to cover the Earth in Foil. As Professionals, I encourage everyone to be cautious as to where we take this industry.

What are we destined to create a "Death-star?"

We must increase the pressure and not allow huge corporations buy large amounts of open space simply to create a solar farm. That is not how this should work. In fact, there should be continued amount of effort to create a sustainable urban planning approach, by using man current "occupied spaces" and not encroach into wildlife and open spaces.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy World Environment Day (WED)

The World Environment Day (WED) is held every year on June 5 since 1972 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Get Involved, make a difference.

Here is a news clip from the ABH-News.

In light of the oil spil.

It is now 47+ days counting. That OIL SPILL DISASTER has made me fall to my knees and pray that soon there will be some resolution. We must stop all future offshore drilling and look into alternatives. America has the capacity to lead this movement all across the world. When will we understand the role of the human race, to protect earth and all living things. To protect the natural resources not exploit them for profit. Human life, and life itself must have more value than money. It is just a must.

Every single person can make a difference.
Take a look a this blog post Sept 3, 2009.
Take a look at the stats:
Fact 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of its resources.

The world spends 12 times more on military expenditures than on aid to developing countries.

Here are some quotes from the movie Home.

5,000 people a day die because of dirty drinking water

1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water

Nearly 1 billion people are going hungry

Over 50% of grain traded around the world is used for animal feed or biofuels.

40% of arable land has suffered long-term damage.

Every year 13 million hectares of forest disappear

One mammal in 4, one bird in 8, one amphibian in 3 are threatened with extinction

Species are dying out at a rhythm 1000 times faster than the natural rate.

Three quarters of fishing grounds are exhausted, depleted or in dangerous decline.

The average temperature of the last 15 years have been the highest ever recorded.

The ice cap is 40% thinner than 40 years ago.

Should I go on…..

Listen, there is hope.

Together we all can make a difference.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Mother Earth is Bleeding

It is all about the Energy and it's impact; the endless quest to control energy and the aftermath it has on the Earth; the control of energy and the exploitation of this energy to make a profit. I am so disgusted with todays news on the Oil spill, the war, the politics.

The spill is still spilling and out of control. BP is still making a profit while promising... promising.....yet it is still out of control. Are we that gullible? It has been more than 30 days now. God please help us.

June 5th is World Environment Day (WED). Also this is the one year anniversary of the release of the movie "Home." Yes, one year ago Home was released, time flies! SO if you haven't already Please see the movie Home website of buy the movie. It is available in blu-ray. You can also download it for free.

June 8th is voting day in California and there is a wicked measure on the ballot. (who am I kidding, they are always deceiving and misleading.) But one in particular is Proposition 16, this is a $44 million dollar bough and paid for measure by PG&E. This bill is paid by every single PG&E customer for the sole purpose to control it's monopoly. Sounds like a "BIG OIL Company" protege. Check out some sites, get the facts and vote wisely. Vote no on prop 16.

Blog page

In Spanish

We are still at war and the oil spill is still polluting our lands and oceans. I believe will we soon understand! I believe the human race evolve? We have to evolve in order to survive.
Like the old Native American Prophecy said, "Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

It is time to make a difference. Make the call.
Call us for a free energy saving consultation.
Meanwhile check out these, federal and state tax credit web sites.
The revolution is underway.
My professor from U.C. Berkeley said to me once,
".. the solution to our problems is not something money can buy, but something one must give what are we willing to give up??" - Harry Edwards.

Its is time to stand up against the exploitation of the earth. The irony is that we are at war; occupying other nations for the sole purpose to control the US's interest to oil reserves/ production. Yet BP, British Petroleum is in our land, exploiting US soil and coast line. This catastrophe is now the new icon, which represents this irony and hypocrisy. The addiction to oil. Like an addict, the are endless justifications to protest any damage or to make the incident seem under control. This is a crime. (Although I am against the exploitation of our mother Earth) But shouldn't it be law that only US companies, who pay US taxes, should be allowed and the privlage to drill and mine on US soil or cost line for minerals.

It is time to make a choice. It is time to evolve.

I will end with this song.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Solar Phonies; California Beware of Solar Scams!

Not only is the solar industry under attack by the recent proposition 16 measure but the consumers are under attack as well. Unfortunately there is no industry immune to scams.

A massive email went out from the department California State License Boards (CSLB).
Here is the link:

Please take the necessary precautions. Here is a clip from their web site, please read on..

CSLB Press Release - 05/10/10Contractors State License Board Warns Californians: Don’t Get Burned When Going Solar
Hot tips protect consumers from solar energy scammers

SACRAMENTO — The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is alerting California homeowners about the need to select a licensed and qualified contractor before signing a contract for a solar energy project. Consumers who want to “go green” and take advantage of state and federal rebates and tax credits could be preyed upon by unlicensed, unscrupulous, or unaware contractors.

Unlicensed contractors in several parts of California have been convicted or are being investigated on suspicion of taking thousands of dollars from consumers for solar energy systems that were incorrectly installed – or not installed at all. Consumers may not qualify for government incentives if contractors fail to enter into solar energy contracts correctly.

CSLB urges consumers to consider the following tips before selecting a contractor for their home’s solar power installation:

Always check for the contractor’s CSLB license. The state and federal government will not grant rebates or credits for a solar system installed by an unlicensed contractor. Ask the contractor to show you his or her pocket license and a photo identification to make sure it is the same person. Compare this to the license information at to make sure this individual is a legitimate member of the business indicated on the license.
Check the registration of sales representatives who solicit a contract on behalf of a contractor. A sales representative must be a Registered Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) with CSLB. Ask to see the HIS registration card and ID, then check it on the CSLB website to make sure that individual is actually an employee of the licensed contractor before you sign a contract.
Check your contractor’s license classification on the CSLB website. Your utility company may require that a solar system be installed by a contractor with a specific classification.
Don’t pay more than $1,000 as a down payment or 10%, whichever is less, for any contract. There is an exception for about two dozen contractors with special, consumer protection bonds that are noted on CSLB’s website.
Don’t be pressured into signing a contract by intimidation tactics, such as losing out on government incentives for not acting quickly. This might be a hint that the contractor does not have your best interests in mind.
"Take a few minutes to research contractors by using the “Instant License Check” and other helpful tools on CSLB’s website," said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. "Legitimate, licensed contractors want customers to be comfortable and confident with the contracts they are signing. And licensees are more likely to do all that is required in order to receive available state and federal incentives for alternative energy."

More information about hiring contractors is available on the CSLB website or by calling 800-321-CSLB (2752).

The Contractors State License Board operates under the umbrella of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. CSLB licenses and regulates more than 300,000 California contractors, and is regarded as one of the leading consumer protection agencies in the United States. In fiscal year 2008-09, CSLB investigated more than 20,000 complaints and helped recover nearly $36 million in ordered restitution for consumers

In other news,

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Million Solar Roofs...GET THE FACTS! California: Vote No on prop 16

"Million Solar Roofs...GET THE FACTS!
Dear Solar Family and Friends:

If you live in California like I do, then you will love this web site. I know I do! I added this clip that can be found on the following link:

I want send out a big personal thank you to Nancy Skinner. I love what you are doing!

"Million Solar Roofs
What's New


Hey California! More of us can now go solar affordable. Thanks to Assembly Nancy Skinner (Berkeley), California can now double the number of people who can invest in a rooftop solar system. AB 510, lifting the cap on net metering, was just signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger on February 26th. The policy was a critical piece of meeting California's Million Solar Roofs goal set in motion by Environment California-sponsored SB 1 law back in 2006. Watch the signing ceremony.
In addition, Assembly member Jared Huffman authored another important solar power bill, AB 920, last year. Thanks to this bill, also signed into law by the governor, instead of you writing a check to your utility company, your utility company to pay you.
That’s right. Starting in 2011, your utility company will have to write you a check at the end of the year for any electricity your solar system generated in surplus of what your home used during that same year. It is called surplus net metering and it is one more step toward making California the Saudi Arabia of the sun."

-end of article.

There is so much information out there, and there is BIG money providing WRONG information. Please get the facts. The SOLAR REVOLUTION is happening. As you all know. I have recently took on a bold move and started my own solar company (information in previous blog posting.) I opened an office in Dublin in April of this year. I open this office because of the simple fact that there is so much misinformation about this industry and I strongly feel that with the right business partners; this industry will not only save our economy and ultimately save our planet.

Although you might think the concept of solar is new, the fact is, that it is not. Did you know that the White House had solar panels installed during the Carter Administration, and was taken down by President Regan? We must accept the facts there is a clear distinction of energy policy when it comes to the Democrat and Republican parties. Remember that the Republic Party's motto was "Drill Baby Drill" in this the last presidential election. Look at us know? I am so ashamed of what we are doing to the planet and the recent oil spill incident.

Below is another article from Environment California web site. I tell you I love this site!

"AB 920: the California Solar Surplus Act of 2009
If you owned a solar power system that generated more electricity than you used, and those surplus solar electrons were sent to the grid for use by your neighbors, don't you think your utility should pay you for that electricity? We think so.

AB 920 (Huffman), the Solar Surplus Power bill, is inherently about creating fairness within California’s solar market and about spurring ever greater consumer interest in investing in solar power bringing with it important environmental and economic benefits to the state.

Thanks in large part to the support and vision of Governor Schwarzenegger and the California State Legislature, California is a world leader in developing and promoting solar power. Our Million Solar Roofs Initiative is one of the biggest and boldest solar initiatives in the world.

The road to a million solar roofs, however, is long. While the state saw tremendous growth in solar last year, California has to go from today's 50,000 solar roofs to 1,000,000 by 2016. To achieve this feat, California must remove all barriers for consumers wanting to invest in solar energy and more deeply penetrate the consumer driven market for solar power.
PROVIDES GREATER FAIRNESS FOR CONSUMERS BY REQUIRING WHOLESALE COMPENSATION FOR SURPLUS POWER: Today’s solar system owners “lose” surplus electricity at the end of each year, essentially giving it away for free to their utility, even though the utility can turn around and sell that electricity at the full bundled retail rate to other utility customers. This “give away” is a barrier for many Californians wanting to go solar. We estimate that over 500 Californians are generating surplus power each year and giving that power to their utility without compensation.1 AB 920 would require the PUC, through a rulemaking procedure, to determine the appropriate wholesale rate.

REMOVES PERVERSE INCENTIVE FOR CONSUMERS TO WASTE ELECTRICITY: By giving solar system owners fair compensation for the surplus electricity they generate above and beyond their own on-site electricity needs, AB 920 removes a perverse incentive for solar system owners to waste electricity so as not to give any way or “lose” any to the utility. Furthermore, AB 920 would encourage greater efficiency and conservation at home and at a solar business;
ALLOWS UTILITIES TO COUNT PURCHASED SURPLUS POWER TOWARD RPS REQUIREMENTS: To encourage utility support of solar power and to reward those utilities that do the most to support roof-top solar installations, AB 920 would allow the utility to count the amount of electricity purchased by the utility through this surplus power program toward their annual renewable portfolio standard goals.

In short, AB 920 is a simple, no-brainer bill that will help remove unnecessary barriers to solar power in California, help encourage greater conservation and efficiency and provide fairness for both the consumer and the utility company within today’s growing solar market.

1: According to SDG&E, the utility received over 351 kWh of surplus electricity from the roughly 2,000 solar customers in their territory. Assuming a similar experience in the other utility territories, and assuming an average system size of 5 kW generating at a 18% capacity factor, we calculate that more than 500 Californians are experiencing a loss of surplus power each year. "

End of article.

Interesting enough, this brings me full circle to a you tube video I added to this blog of the original six million dollar man. "Gentle men we can rebuild him, we have the technology." In the same manner we can say, "People, we can rebuild it [the earth and the ozone, we can reverse global warming,] we have the technology.

I am so excited about the things to come in the next few months and hope everyone gets the right information about Prop. 16. Vote No California. I am your solar power advocate. Call me anytime, let me know if you need any solar in your home or business, or know someone who is thinking of solar.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Office is Open!

It's official, Xolargy has opened the first office in the beautiful Bay Area. It wall finally establish on April 01, 2010, which will be the core foundation to a promising future. The office is situated in the City of Dublin. The address is as follows:
11501 Dublin Blvd., Suite 200,
Dublin CA 94568.
Office number 925.452.2207
Toll free 1-877-XOLARGY

Remember to spread the word.