Saturday, May 18, 2019

Something is terribly wrong.

Something is terribly wrong!

I will talk about hate in a separate post. But let me start with a story,

As a small boy growing up in the 70's. I used to go through shoes like no other. They gave me nicknames like "chaparro patas de Palo." meaning wood feet shorty, not a good translation but you get the idea. I was a stomper!

I was short but fast, and had usually had trouble with my slightly over-sided clothes as they were mostly hand-me-downs from my older brother and he was way bigger than me. So, they were mostly big on me, so I hardly ever had new clothes per say. So as a child, I just remember buying shoes, and never cloths, anyway. This was captured in a school year picture as I am caught trying to keep my pants up from falling.

One year it got bad. It was during the summer time and I had broken through my shoes. They began "to talk" and glue could not save them. They had to be thrown away. So for a couple weeks I was walking around barefoot. But my tiny feet took a toll, where they eventually blistered up, as I used to play a lot outside. Running, playing. It got worse, my dried feet skin would crack open on the tip of the toes. Painful. Especially the big toe. Ooh how I paid the price in the hot summer nights. I remember putting wet towels to cool them down, in order to sleep. But then the next day I was out running and playing again.

One day I remember my parents walked me into luck's, a grocery store. This was weird because it had been a while being out in public and not home. I remember walking in bare foot and came out walking in my new TRAX.

With no socks, mind you, and even though my toes were bleeding. I was so happy. I didn't feel the pain. It was my going back to school present, and boy was I relieved and appreciative.
Although at that time I didn't truly appreciate my parents' sacrifice of their hard-earned money. It was all they had. Now, they weren't Adidas, and even though I was made fun of at school, by bullies, I was used to it, since all of my clothes was hand-me-down from older brother. I was just happy my toes weren't bleeding any more. I was appreciative then and especially today, but that is not the norm then and it shouldn't be the norm now.

As the homelessness rates are ever increasing in every city across America. The income gap is growing and its the highest divide ever. The divide between haves and have-nots and it is real, and it is all by design. 

America is plagued by greed and corruption to the core, to the highest office, as it reflects our reality today.

We must stand up and fight for a living wage. #FDRSecondBillofRights 
Re-brand it to the Green New Deal, by adding the environment, but don't forget housing. #3.
California 5th largest economy, yet has the highest poverty rate in the nation, we rank 39th nationally on education, yet we are at the labor force, the backbone of the economy, the working-class, AKA The#sleepinggiant. Capitalism is not working, especially for our people. As everyone forgets about the Treaty of Guadalupe. Yet, California has the largest population of Latinos, Hispanic, Mexican - South American, Mestizo, basically non Euro-white non Afro-black, non Asian( which included India). Capitalism is socialism but for 1%, corporations and the military industrial complex. It is by design, that we are not represented in politics.

We are Indigenous American, never for get it. 
Our ancestors are native to these lands.
We have just forgotten it by design. 

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