Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The answer is a combination of all of technology of clean energy. e.g. solar, wind, and geothermal, but as a collective, to be truly sustainable. Not the further exploitation, of our planet, labor, and ultimately our souls. 
This techonology belongs to every house hold. Not big corporations who only see profit and control. We have to stop the miss use of this technology and the miss use of tax payers subsidies; not to mention the environmental impact globally; from using all of our open space,  to our farm lands to create a DEATH STAR...this technology belongs on the roof top of every house, and parking lot. PLEASE WAKE UP! It is all about control!

Like Bill Hicks said, "We are all one, everything is one;" we just
have to realize it. It is not about profit (money), it is about humanity, love and gratitude. This is the path that most everyone thinks it is impossible.

WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER! Yet no one mentioned the $662 Billion dollars signed on Dec 31st 2011 along with the NDAA. 

The Irony!  

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