Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going on 240 days and NO JOBS BILLS FROM GOP!


As we see the news we are looking at some selective issues and yet there are many issues today that are not shown to you.

  • Tar Oil Protest at the White house
  • Comet Elenin,(c 2010 x1) and how will this impact the planet, weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity.
  • NASA warning of June 10, 2011
  • Lybia
  • Yemen
  • Europe
  • Wikileaks: Obama Administration Secretly Worked to Preven Proseccution of War Crimes By The Bush Administration

THE US HAS NO ENERGY POLICY! NO ENERGY POLICY, Thus businesses have to cut jobs and close doors because they too are forced to compete with China, and over seas. Chinas import tax into US is 2.5% while US product into CHINA IS 25%. WTF! JUST RECENTLY WHEN EVERGREEN FILED A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, AND JUST TODAY!

Solyndra, Fremont, CA. to File for Bankruptcy! I BLAME POLICY!!! WE NEED TRADE POLICY TO SAVE JOBS HERE IN THE US!

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