Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We ALL have an obligation!

We, as mankind, have an obligation. We have to take a stand and make a commitment to seek, use and demand alternative energy not just because it makes financial sense.

Today! Today is the perfect day to start. Start in your heart and believe. That is the first step. Take one step a time.

But I am concerned, There is something to be said about this whole Alternative Energy Hype. I am encountering "greed" is ever more present in this industry as well as scams along with solar phonies.

Beware! Some Companies are flocking to this industry strictly for the money, while others are trying to reverse global warming and make a global statement against Big Oil and PG&E.

Fact: I have refuse work, and refused to participate with companies in one particular solar specialty: Solar Farms. I will not conspire to rob Earth of all its open space. I will refuse to cover the Earth in Foil. As Professionals, I encourage everyone to be cautious as to where we take this industry.

What are we destined to create a "Death-star?"

We must increase the pressure and not allow huge corporations buy large amounts of open space simply to create a solar farm. That is not how this should work. In fact, there should be continued amount of effort to create a sustainable urban planning approach, by using man current "occupied spaces" and not encroach into wildlife and open spaces.

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